Music and Lyrics

music and lyrics

Have you ever imagined to pen down the words that are in your mind. Well I do this thing and believe me this thing is great. Well, in this post I want to share a lovely movie that was released in the year 2007, well that’s not so long ago………

I like this movie very much and most importantly the songs of this movie made me fall in love with it. 😉

The movie was Music and Lyrics. This is the movie that starred Hugh Grant as Alex Fletcher and Drew Barrymore as Sophie Fisher

The movie is about Alex Fletcher, a singer of a famous band POP of 80’s whose career is facing the hardest time. He was assigned to compose a song for the latest music sensation Cora Corman. The problem begins as Alex finds himself as a good singer but a not so good lyricist to compose the song. Then just by his luck he finds a lyricist with the name Sophie Fisher, who is a good phrase maker, she can connect lines to make a nice rhyming pair f sentences…….

This movie is something that I’ve been waiting for since the time I knew it was onboard for production. I suggest that you all who read this post do saw the movie.

The most famous song of the movie and the song which I like most is

Way Back Into Love

Way Back into Love

I love the way the words are crafted to make this song. The movie was beautiful undoubtedly but the songs also had that charisma to make people listen to it again and again…

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