Love Song by Me- You will Come Back

Many times I think that I should write a song. A song that can express the sensation of what a person feels truly. In my high school I read in my book a song is a best medicine, which can make your mood get well sooner. No matter how sad one person is, music is an undisputable winner in any circumstances.

Every time I pick up my pen and try out to write a song I end up with a love song. It’s surprising that why always a love song, but that’s all I can write quite well. I don’t know how good I am at it, but my friends and the people who read my songs say that I am pretty good at it.

SONGS makes your faith grow deeper. A good song can make you a more beautiful person.

Well one of such love song written by me is YOU WILL COME BACK

I wrote it randomly, I never thought it would end like this. And I am glad it ended well.

The theme of the song is that a boy falls in love with a girl and they had a beautiful relationship going on. But suddenly the things went off the track and they both decide to split. Then like it happens in movie, the boys realizes what her girl meant to him, so he sits on the shore of the sea where they first met and sings YOU WILL COME BACK

It’s another day to end,

I’m still tryin to pretend,

That you will come back…

The night has grown so dark,

Growing deeper in its arc,

My hopes going to descend,

and I am afraid they will end,

Somewhere deep I know,

That I am the one who made you go,

But it’s my belief from inside,

You’re ma everything, you’re ma pride,

So never say goodbye,

Just give it another try,


It’s another day to end

I’m still tryin to pretend,

That you will come back

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  1. well done dude…………….:)

  2. […] I said earlier in posts that I don’t know why I start to write something and I end up with a love song. Some are of joy and some of them are of real sorrows… but that’s what Love is all […]

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