Who Am I?

Well sometimes it sounds good to stop, sit and ponder a while about who are we.. and why we are living our lives this way…

I am not pretty clear about this as well, but i tried to pen down, and then to type down what’s in my mind…. and my mind thought has took the shape of this song….

Who am i?

What I am for,

What I’ve doing for so long,

Am I a liar, am I a betrayer,

Am I a written, but, yet unsung song?

What I’ve done, what I’ll do,

What I’ve been trying for so long,

What I’ve been through.

I see no hope to get out this thing,

There seems to be autumn, no sight for spring,

I’ve seen times when things gone astray,

I’ve been dragging down, when I need to pray.

Where I am now, where I will go,

This is a question, whose answer I don’t know,

Am I am going far, or am I going near,

I have no clue,

As I don’t have the fear

I forgot my start; I forgot my path traversed,

No intention to know, still have the urge to go,

To move on and start the flow……..

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