Don’t Quit

These days’ people are trying to make most of their lives, which is a good thing to do. If you’ve got this one life then you should leave your mark… even I try this thing out. Everyday I try to do something new… everyday I try to improve a little thing in me… and I think everyone should try this thing out.

But, another fact of life is that everyone tries hard to achieve something. Some make it in their first attempt and some have to wait until the right time comes. But there are some people who just don’t like waiting- they try out at first and if they won’t succeed they give up…

So fellas this is a song/poetry by me for those such people…

In fact it’s a sort of reminder for me as well ’cause I also act like this sometimes (which is undoubtedly not a good thing to do). So here is an attempt by me- Check it out ).

Don’t quit, don’t quit, don’t quit

Every time you are down don’t quit

Every time you fall don’t quit

You will make it out one day,

That day can be today…

So, get up, get up, get up,

Listen to your heart don’t quit,

Just hold it on and that’s it,

What if despair’s around,

What if you can hear no sound,

Music will play one day…

All you need is to hold on and stay,

So, just hold it on that’s it…

Listen to your heart DON’T QUIT

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