I Have a Confession

Hi! Pals this is another post by me….

As I said earlier in posts that I don’t know why I start to write something and I end up with a love song. Some are of joy and some of them are of real sorrows… but that’s what Love is all about. Anyways the song below is about a guy who always liked a gal but never gathered that courage to tell her about it….

But one day when he came to know that the gal whom he loved is going to some other country, he felt lonely all of a sudden…

He got startled by the thought of depart; and then he did that thing which he’s  been always  afraid of to do…

Yes, he run upto that gal and confessed everything that he felt about her in one go….

So pals please have a look at it 🙂

I have a confession to make,

That I was in love with you—- the very first time I saw your face,

I felt so happy- every time you smiled

With innocence in the eyes-like that of a child…

I have a confession to make,

That I prayed for you-every time I remembered the god,

I felt so lucky-   to make those prayers against all the odd,

I have a confession,

That I dreamt you every day with open eyes,

I have a confession,

That I will make you happy-no matter what’s the price,

I have a confession-

That yes I never said this thing to you,

I have a confession

That Yes, I always wanted it to—be told to you

I made my confessions, now it’s all up to you,

You can hold my hand, or you can walk through,

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