You Were My Life

Hi pals, its been quite a time that I haven’t posted any on on blog, but I believe that everything that happen, happens for the good. And see I am here with my new song…I appreciate the warm affection that you showed me towards my writing through your comments… (not here, but personally).

Now, talking about this song… it just came to me when I was watching TV.I know its funny but most good things pop up in your mind when  you are in awkward conditions.

It is a songs about a guy who want his girl back in his life… no it don’t resembles my life…. and he is singing this song for her… Girl do tell me what would have been your reaction if some guy wanted you back  in his life …. in this way… 🙂

You were my world, you were my life,

You were a part of me- in all my strifes,

You took my breaths, you took my life,

Oh! My girl when you got away,

All I want to do… (is hold your hand)

All I want to say… (Now),

That please come back to my life- it’s getting hard for me -to live on,

Please come back to my world- as I’m so tired… can’t carry on.

C`mon be back………..

Days were wonder, when you were around,

Night just seems so wonderful,

Everything just looked so bright, girl that’s your charm that makes it so,

And now, all I want to do…(touch your face)

And now I just want to say…

That please come back to my life- it’s getting hard for me -to carry on

Please come back to my world- as I’m so tired… can’t carry on

So c’mon just take -my hand again,

I’ll be your joy; I’ll be the same,

I will be everything you want…

Girl, just hold my hand -and give me one more chance,

Ooooo (For a Moment)

Can you see the change that I am up to?

Can you feel the pain I am going through…(LOUDER)

Come back to my life

Please come back to my world…. (MUSIC DIES SLOWLY)

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  1. Oh my gosh,

    Reading the words to your song makes me want to cry. To the girl that it would be sung for, I’d be saying, “What are you waiting for, girl? GO” 🙂

    • Hi Barbara 🙂

      Its a wonderful surprise to see you at my blog. Thanks for your comment.

      I really appreciate your visiting and commenting.
      Am I doing the right thing with my blog?

  2. You’re welcome Saurabhar,

    I think your blog looks great and your writing is superb. The only thing I see that could be reworded is your tag line, which would tell those who land on your blog for the first time, what your blog is about. (They may not take the time to click on your about page).

    I read your about page and really like the first line; how your said, “…a blog that’s been dedicated by me to the writers who write for the passion of writing…”

    BTW: Although it may not be the best use of your blog “real estate” space, I am honored to have my blog post excerpts/links included in your sidebar. Thank you!

  3. hey… i would definetely get back to the boy’s life who would sing such a song for me….. nowadays u dont get such boys!!

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