The Story Of A Country…

peaceHi pals, this is another post by me. There are times in our lives when we do some serious thinking about some causes which we never gave a thought before in our lives. Like in Tsunami the whole world felt the pain of the victims of this disaster. Likewise, WAR is a matter that every person in this world hates and still they happens.

We all hate this WAR and they happens because of some personal motives of  advancement of one country over another.  And such advancements led to major war of which history is an evidence.

This song/poetry is about a county who is a victim of such advancement by some big country who earlier used to be friends but the personal motives turned them to foes.

Check it out.

In the phase of love,

We walked together,

We called ourselves friends,

With a friendship, that we promise will never end.

Today evaluating the situation and all I found,

There are children’s crying and groaning sounds,

I am hurt all the way,

You killed my people, and made myself stray,

I admit there’s been a mistake,

But your action made our friendship fake,

Now I am like a mother whose  kids have died,

And all because of his neighbor, who smiles with pride,

WAR for PEACE is the name that you gave it,

You killed even crippled, and destroyed every bit,

Oh! What was their crime, just answer me this,

If this PEACE means killing innocent

Go away with it, which looks to you as decent,

It’s the WAR that turns friends to foe,

And makes countries a history, which was told as once ago…

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