Who Is She?

Hi friends, again I am here with a song or you can say it poetry, but when I sit to write I am not sure that what in the end it will look like. Anyways, this is a song by me, in which a person sees a girl and fantasize about her, he is curious to know WHO IS SHE? And ultimately he keeps on asking this question.  Have you ever fantasize about a person you’ve seen just once. Hmmmm if yes then let me know… 🙂

She came as the warmth, in the cold,

She was like the sweet dream that you can’t lose hold.

She was like shiny star in the dark night,

She was here at the moment, now she is out of sight,

Who is she I wanna find out?

Who is she, I can’t live without

Who is she that has taken my heart away,

Who is that girl, I wanna love and make her stay.

I could feel her fragrance, its all in the air,

It gives me a intuition, that she’s somewhere around here,

I have her image now in my mind,

I keep thinking about her face so kind,

Who is she I am still in confusion,

Who is she like the perfect love fusion,

Who is she that has dominated my mind,

Who is she whose thought has made me blind.

Who is she, for whom in my dream I shout,

Somebody please tell me, I wanna figure it out.

Is she is a mystery, is she is a dream,

Is she is the calmness, is she is the scream,

Who is she, oh! Someone tell me please,

I am waiting for her, come and bring me to ease.

She is someone, who’s taken my heart,

She is the one sweet gal, she’s my sweetheart.

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  1. well, nice poem… so did u get to know who she was??
    i have never fantasized for someone whom i just saw once!!
    but would like to hav that experience!

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