Let’s Call It a Change :)

Hello my pals, accidently stumbled users who were searching something else and got here…

I would like to make an announcement that from now on this is going to be a blog with lyrics of some songs written by me that I would like to record in future…

I always had this urge to write, language doesn’t matter Hindi, English… or any other language that I may learn in this path of life…

I always wanted that this urge never leaves me, no matter what… and I am blessed that it is still accompanying me till date and I hope that this urge will be generous enough to get better with coming days and will be with me till my heart pump last drop of blood, and my lungs have pumped its last instance of air in it.

So, guys from now on, I will try and pen down my thoughts in the form of words/songs/lyrics to express them in a more effective manner.

Wish me all the luck 🙂 and truly I do not need luck, I need your generous support and man! I can rule this world 🙂

Thanks everyone for reading these words mentioned in this blog. I am sure you will enjoy and there’s  lot to come! So Stay Tuned 😀

God Bless All!

Saurabh Chauhan

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