Who Is She?

Hi friends, again I am here with a song or you can say it poetry, but when I sit to write I am not sure that what in the end it will look like. Anyways, this is a song by me, in which a person sees a girl and fantasize about her, he is curious to know WHO IS SHE? And ultimately he keeps on asking this question.  Have you ever fantasize about a person you’ve seen just once. Hmmmm if yes then let me know… 🙂

She came as the warmth, in the cold,

She was like the sweet dream that you can’t lose hold.

She was like shiny star in the dark night,

She was here at the moment, now she is out of sight,

Who is she I wanna find out?

Who is she, I can’t live without

Who is she that has taken my heart away,

Who is that girl, I wanna love and make her stay.

I could feel her fragrance, its all in the air,

It gives me a intuition, that she’s somewhere around here,

I have her image now in my mind,

I keep thinking about her face so kind,

Who is she I am still in confusion,

Who is she like the perfect love fusion,

Who is she that has dominated my mind,

Who is she whose thought has made me blind.

Who is she, for whom in my dream I shout,

Somebody please tell me, I wanna figure it out.

Is she is a mystery, is she is a dream,

Is she is the calmness, is she is the scream,

Who is she, oh! Someone tell me please,

I am waiting for her, come and bring me to ease.

She is someone, who’s taken my heart,

She is the one sweet gal, she’s my sweetheart.

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The Story Of A Country…

peaceHi pals, this is another post by me. There are times in our lives when we do some serious thinking about some causes which we never gave a thought before in our lives. Like in Tsunami the whole world felt the pain of the victims of this disaster. Likewise, WAR is a matter that every person in this world hates and still they happens.

We all hate this WAR and they happens because of some personal motives of  advancement of one country over another.  And such advancements led to major war of which history is an evidence.

This song/poetry is about a county who is a victim of such advancement by some big country who earlier used to be friends but the personal motives turned them to foes.

Check it out.

In the phase of love,

We walked together,

We called ourselves friends,

With a friendship, that we promise will never end.

Today evaluating the situation and all I found,

There are children’s crying and groaning sounds,

I am hurt all the way,

You killed my people, and made myself stray,

I admit there’s been a mistake,

But your action made our friendship fake,

Now I am like a mother whose  kids have died,

And all because of his neighbor, who smiles with pride,

WAR for PEACE is the name that you gave it,

You killed even crippled, and destroyed every bit,

Oh! What was their crime, just answer me this,

If this PEACE means killing innocent

Go away with it, which looks to you as decent,

It’s the WAR that turns friends to foe,

And makes countries a history, which was told as once ago…

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You Were My Life

Hi pals, its been quite a time that I haven’t posted any on on blog, but I believe that everything that happen, happens for the good. And see I am here with my new song…I appreciate the warm affection that you showed me towards my writing through your comments… (not here, but personally).

Now, talking about this song… it just came to me when I was watching TV.I know its funny but most good things pop up in your mind when  you are in awkward conditions.

It is a songs about a guy who want his girl back in his life… no it don’t resembles my life…. and he is singing this song for her… Girl do tell me what would have been your reaction if some guy wanted you back  in his life …. in this way… 🙂

You were my world, you were my life,

You were a part of me- in all my strifes,

You took my breaths, you took my life,

Oh! My girl when you got away,

All I want to do… (is hold your hand)

All I want to say… (Now),

That please come back to my life- it’s getting hard for me -to live on,

Please come back to my world- as I’m so tired… can’t carry on.

C`mon be back………..

Days were wonder, when you were around,

Night just seems so wonderful,

Everything just looked so bright, girl that’s your charm that makes it so,

And now, all I want to do…(touch your face)

And now I just want to say…

That please come back to my life- it’s getting hard for me -to carry on

Please come back to my world- as I’m so tired… can’t carry on

So c’mon just take -my hand again,

I’ll be your joy; I’ll be the same,

I will be everything you want…

Girl, just hold my hand -and give me one more chance,

Ooooo (For a Moment)

Can you see the change that I am up to?

Can you feel the pain I am going through…(LOUDER)

Come back to my life

Please come back to my world…. (MUSIC DIES SLOWLY)

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The Wonder that Was Mahatma…

This is a wonderful explanation of the almighty by Bapu in his voice.

We all know Bapu as the father of our nation, and indeed he is. He was one of those people who taught me some invaluable lessons in life.

One of such principle that he taught me is:

“निर्बल के बल राम”

There is a divinity in these words, I never felt alone for a moment. In my despairs these words gave me strength.

This is true that these are not his words, but the first time when I read these words, it was his book; “My Experiments With Truths”. So for me these are his words.

To be honest I must confess that his preaching are so tough for me to implement in real life, and I find myself very weak in front of his principals. But today I made a promise to myself that I will bring that change in me to be a better person.

Thanks Bapu for being born on this land, which I also share.

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Michael Jackson

June 25th 2009
This is the day when we saw the end of a musical era in one go. A man whose alone contribution to the music world is so enormous and impeccable that if we try to imagine the English music without him, we won’t be able to collect a refined picture.

We are talking about the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson is the name of the person who was not only an entertainer, but was also a man who showed the world that we can survive and grow big time by being down to earth, neglecting our egos and self motives apart. The success that Michael tasted was a rare dish for millions of people all around.

The news of the Michael’s death was a setback to the hundreds of millions of people whose life somewhat affected by this charismatic personality. And why not, almost every person who has ever heard his songs, found himself emotionally involved to him by the songs. His “Earth Song” made people think, over that what they are doing to earth?

He was a phenomenon; he was a childlike image that will be in our hearts forever. Who can forget that childlike smile that he always used to have on his face. I believe that he was an ANGEL sent by god on earth to give us the joy… and he did this job wonderfully… irrespective of the pain that he went through his life… he made others smile.

I would love to say that… he was a wonder “THE WONDER THAT WAS MICHAEL”.
I along with the billions of people all around the world pray that may Michael Jackson Rest In Peace.
Everyone watched the funeral ceremony of the MJ on the 7th July 2009. That moment made the world come to still once again when the fan of the Michael bid adieu to their Legend. The ceremony was a really emotional moment for all the fans of Michael. And the popularity of Michael that followed after Michael’s death was mammoth like.

Michael was a true genius of the work that he did, when I saw his written songs I felt like that no one can do this task better than Michael. Talking about his dance, no one can ever dance like him. His voice was a magic that has the power to bind the people as one together.
We loved him and we will love him… There can’t be another Michael Jackson- He was indeed one of a kind. I have deep respect for Michael and after his death it’s increased to the apex.

I want to share the lines of his song, from the song “Wanna be startin` somthin`”. In these lines he showed that we have to believe in ourselves.
“Lift Your Head Up High
And Scream Out To the World
I Know I Am Someone
And Let the Truth Unfurl
No One Can Hurt You Now
Because You Know What’s True
Yes, I Believe In Me
So You Believe In You”

*MJ- Rest In Peace*

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Hold My Hand

Hi, pal this is another song by me which I have written, when I was not Online..however this is another song that came to me as random thought.. and I tried to make it a song… please tell how is it… thanks pals 🙂

I know you are hurt… you don’t have to say

I can see in your eyes…there’s something making you sway… you don’t have to say.

Tell me baby… what the matter…is I can ease the pain…

I can’t see you this way… baby hold my hand…

I will make you happy… I can make you smile…

Baby this is my promise… I’ll prove it to you.

I will rock the days again… I’ll make your days agile…

So hold my hand and make the start…

Baby you’ll know how much I feel for you in my heart.

You said everything is fine… but baby I can see…

I can see in your words… there’s something making you uneasy… baby I can see.

Tell me baby… what the matter…is I can ease the pain…

And I hate to see you this way… baby hold my hand.

I will make you happy… I can make you smile…

Baby this is my promise… I’ll prove it to you.

I will rock the days again… I’ll make your days agile…

So hold my hand and make the start…

Baby you’ll know how much I feel for you in my heart.

Hold my hand… I can ease the pain

I can make you smile…I can make you forget your worries…

I will get you away… make you see the heaven… baby like the fairy…  🙂

Hold my hand …. Hold my hand…

I can ease the pain…

Yeah! I can baby…. Baby I can … ease the pain…

Show you what’s in my heart…

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I moved all around the world…

Hi pals, this is another post by me for my blog and I guess….. this is the first one of this month….

Check this one out and please comment how was it……………. God bless ya all

I moved all around the world…

I’ve seen everything…

I played all the games… I’ve faced all the fames…

I see that you are there… Praying your own prayers…

I see you crying for me…

I see you dying for me….

I never said a word… you neither spoke to me….

You always wanted me….

And baby! It’s same here with me…..

I always wanted you…..

I always prayed for you…….

I needed much your time….

Without you nothin is fine..

And baby this all is true…

Now, when I am in your city once again…

I’m tryin mend it all….. I’m trying to be the same….

If you give me another chance…. Baby we can make our lives dance…..

Baby just hold ma hands once again…… baby I will make life change…..

Baby all I want to say….. I m tired of hiding away……

I just want you be my side……. I promise you a gud life…..


I moved all around the world…

I’ve seen everything…

I played all the games… I’ve faced the fames…

I see that you are there… Praying your own prayers…

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Alone with you…

Hi, pals this is another post by me. Lately I felt that I haven’t posted any song on my blog since past one month…. And as a result I posted It’s Amazing to Remember day before yesterday. And here I am with another song…. This is also a love song and I just love this one…. This song is based on a hypothetical situation…..

So pals enjoy it like you enjoyed the rest… 🙂

Ever since I am alone with you,

i tried that,

I’ll hold the time——– And cease the night,

Can’t you feel the love tonight,

We’re standing together——– Under dark sky,

I wanna hold your hand——- yea that’s what I wanna try,

You move so close to me —— as the darkness grows,

I can hear your heartbeats… which’s got a deeper throw,

Now you are asleep—— and I keep watching you,

And I thank to god—— that I am tonight with you,

Slowly and calmly —— dawn knocked on our face,

I swear—- u looked amazing like god’s own grace,

Now that you are leaving—— I feel the pain in my heart,

I wish I could’ve ceased the night…….

And wish it was just the start….. 🙂

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It’s Amazing to Remember…

Hi pals, this is another post by me… i tried to write something good and in this regard i end up with this song… pals love is an interesting subject that make the people happy… that’s why i love to write about this topic… i hope you will enjoy this song as well… 🙂

It’s amazing to remember all those past good days…

The time you smiled and promised to love me always….

There have been times when I’ve been so low,

Then u r the one who made me get up and go…. And gave me strength…

It’s amazing to remember everything about you,

Everyday with you, every single moment without you,

Our hanging around, our looking into each other’s eyes,

Our every little smile, our every little cries.

We both were alone, but we formed a world together,

Where you are mine strength and I’m yours forever…

Where we shared our love and shared our lives,

Every happiest moment, every little strives.

It’s amazing to remember… how we made it so far,

It’s your love that made us shine like a  star… 🙂

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There are many song that comes to your mind all of a sudden, they sound quite complicated when they come as a random thought to your mind…. But they become so simplified and somewhat logical when you pen them down…

Such kind of a song is “STARLIGHT NIGHT”. It’s about someone who is really happy with the love of his life and he’s expressing his feeling to her about how he felt about her….

It’s quite a simple song, so please have a look… 🙂

It’s a starlight night- and you are here with me,

The night goes brighter, every time to smile with me,

The breeze gets so cool……… as I touch your hand

I just want to hold the time… and… cease the night to end…

Whenever you talk about everything,

When you swirl your eyes and recite,

I feel like I am in heaven,

In this wonderful starlight night…

Hoping for tomorrow, I see the sunshine,

I see the days go bright, with ecstasy everywhere,

I see the love in your eyes,

Today and forever in your heart-in there,

Now, I don’t know what’s wrong I don’t know what is right,

All I want is you to be by my side…..

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