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Hi pals, today I am here with another post of mine. I was thinking about some different topics rather than love and romance. And to be true I wasn’t able to come with the concept other then love. Then I asked for a suggestion from my friend Priyanka and she suggested me a topic called FRIENDSHIP.

friendshipThis is a topic that is close to everyone’s hearts. We all have some bonding with someone, whom we call our friend. With whom we feel like being ourselves, with whom we don’t pretend. The only person that is our strength and the one who makes us laugh when we are down and make us stand up and go when we feel like giving up. Please do comment on this post and tell me how was it. It will be appreciated.

I would like to mention few words that deserves to be here in this post:

“We don’t choose our families, but friends who become our families”

When you feel so bad, and see things are not going right,

When the people turn against you, and you see no hope so bright,

Just remember to call my name; and I will be with you till the end,

You don’t worry I will be with you my friend.

Don’t you worry if you’ve lost it all, and you have no strength to make a call,

And you see things just fall apart, and you feel like broken heart,

Just close your eyes and whisper my name and I’ll be there till the end,


You don’t worry I am with you my friend.

I will be the strength; I will be the hope,

I will be that everything, that will help you coup  (with all your sorrows)

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There are many time it happens that when we aspire for something deeply from our hearts, and we get it…… the excitement, the exhilaration and the ecstasy that  that achievement or that things brings to us is invaluable and that can’t be compared with anything else on this planet…..


have you ever gave it a thought that; what happens when all of a sudden you came to know that your beloved thing is going to be taken away from you after a little time……….. THINK OVER IT

Well this song which i wrote have analogy with that i stated above……

It’s a song about  a person who knows that his love (his wife) has an uncurable disease and she is going to die within few days…. so this song is an attempt to show that how he felt, or how anyone will feel if they are  in his place…..

Please tell how was it 🙂

Every time I see the sky it shows me your flair,

Every time I feel the breeze,

I can smell your fragrance in the air,

I can see your smile, every time I close my eyes,

And that’s all I need…. That’s above all price

Everything around me has never made me smile,

Its now hard for me to forget you— even for a while………..

Now every time when I am in the crowd—–I don’t fear,

Your love gives me strength and tells me—- you are near

Every time when I am low— your words whispers in my ears,

Being so far away, you given me strength in here…. In my heart…….

Tell me everything is going to be fine….

And you’ll come over again and will be mine…forever..

I know you are dying and going far away,

Baby I can give my life to make you stay… here with me….

Every time I pray a silent prayer in my heart,

I wish they had that power to stop your depart……. From me……..

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