Music and Me…

Music is a wonderful thing that keeps you fresh and makes you feel alive. Music in my life plays a major role, if there is no music then I cannot imagine myself.

music and me

Sometimes music just plays the right chord at the right time that you fall in love with a particular song. Whenever you are sad and you listen to a track of your favorite singer, it is a possibility that you forget all your worries and start tapping your feet with the rhythm. It has happened to me a lots of time.

Bryan Adams and Michael Jackson are the two singers whose songs moves me to the core of my heart. Whenever you listen to “Everything I Do” or a song like “Man in the Mirror” you just cannot stop making yourself falling into the song with its words and melody.

I think I am being too much into text now. So, let me show you my new song “Music and Me”. It is however the title of one of Michael Jackson’s songs, but I have given it my words and thoughts. MJ has always been my inspiration since his death. He was a miracle that happened to earth. The inspiration behind this song is truly Michael Jackson.

All I can see, just music and me.

Listening to the beats, playing it hard on my guitar,

The music goes so far,

And the soul sets high and free.

Its Just music and me

All I feel, is the rhythm and melody,

Making the words go live, I pen down them all,

They come without a call,

And this is a wonderful ecstasy.

But, it’s just music and me

I think world is getting strange,

We are working in our ways,

Things will come and make the change.

But we will be the same, as anyone can see…

It will be just music and me

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