A Terrorist Son…

I was in my house and was about to sleep,

Suddenly heard the doorbell—- in midnight it sounded really creep,

I went downstairs and opened the door,

Fair Mr. X,      jumped on the floor,

Happiness was clearly visible on his face,

It’s was like a gambler gets the entire ace.

After taking control over his emotion,

He handed me sweet without any occasion,

And told me he is now a father,

Of a boy whom he named Y,

(Slowly the time passed)

One day I switched on the television,

I didn’t heard a word but only used vision,

‘Y’ was on the list of the FBI’s most wanted,

Oh my god! Were her words as my wife chanted.

I called Mr. X and asked how it happened,

I heard sobbing on the phone, it looked like he was awakened,

On meeting him, I noticed his face has changed,

All the flair has gone, but despair sustained,

His talks revealed that he turned into a pessimist,

What else you can imagine out of person, whose son is now a terrorist,

His son has taken many innocent lives,

Left many dying and rest of them to strive,

Maybe there was a smile on his face, when the innocents are used to cry,

But every inhuman act of his, made his parents die…

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