Every Man’s Dream…

HI pals, thanks all of you for being the reader of my blog, and to get even a single click every day is worth an achievement for a novice blogger like me. Thanks for being a part of this blog.

Today this song that I have posted is about a guy who got the girl he always wanted to be with and he can’t help in telling her how he felt about this luck he had.


My life has changed, the moment you took my hand,

Everything around that’s been complicated, has now changed, I can’t understand.

There’s something in “you” baby! That makes me come to you again,

Now when I look back and all I see, how amazingly it happened, how lucky I have been,

Now you are by my side, but you were every man’s dream.

This love is amazing, that we both share,

We have been in our affection and love, no time to spare,

Now when I look at my house, your presence makes my day,

Days pass like a moment, what else I can say…

Darling! I got you, how lucky I have been,

You are by my side, but you were every man’s dream.

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YES- Is All You Have To Say

It could be our shiny night,

It could be our place to stay,

I will make you wishes come true,

YES is all you have to say.

I’ll rock the days and rock the nights,

If you be with me,

I can change the way you feel,

Gal I can do it, can’t you see.

Look at the stars and they will tell you

coz they hear my prayers for you…every night.

Feel the air and it will tell you

How I felt your presence when you were… out of sight.

Every night and day…gal I made pray…

That someday you will see…

That you’re the one for me

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1000 hits! and a Big Thank You!!!! :)

Hi, pals. There have been 1000 hits on my blog, and I am celebrating it. Yay!!!!!

It feels good that when you do something and it is being appreciated by the people. I started to pen down the random thoughts that comes to my mind and those random thoughts led to the birth of this blog. Slowly and steadily I posted some posts along with songs and people read it, and I am THANKFUL to every single individual who landed on my blog and who read even a single alphabet of it.

The people who have been blogging for years know how good it feels when you achieve this position as a novice blogger. Believe me it is amazing! Achievement like this gives you an encouragement to work harder and to make the best out of your efforts for the people who read your posts.

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A Terrorist Son…

I was in my house and was about to sleep,

Suddenly heard the doorbell—- in midnight it sounded really creep,

I went downstairs and opened the door,

Fair Mr. X,      jumped on the floor,

Happiness was clearly visible on his face,

It’s was like a gambler gets the entire ace.

After taking control over his emotion,

He handed me sweet without any occasion,

And told me he is now a father,

Of a boy whom he named Y,

(Slowly the time passed)

One day I switched on the television,

I didn’t heard a word but only used vision,

‘Y’ was on the list of the FBI’s most wanted,

Oh my god! Were her words as my wife chanted.

I called Mr. X and asked how it happened,

I heard sobbing on the phone, it looked like he was awakened,

On meeting him, I noticed his face has changed,

All the flair has gone, but despair sustained,

His talks revealed that he turned into a pessimist,

What else you can imagine out of person, whose son is now a terrorist,

His son has taken many innocent lives,

Left many dying and rest of them to strive,

Maybe there was a smile on his face, when the innocents are used to cry,

But every inhuman act of his, made his parents die…

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Music and Me…

Music is a wonderful thing that keeps you fresh and makes you feel alive. Music in my life plays a major role, if there is no music then I cannot imagine myself.

music and me

Sometimes music just plays the right chord at the right time that you fall in love with a particular song. Whenever you are sad and you listen to a track of your favorite singer, it is a possibility that you forget all your worries and start tapping your feet with the rhythm. It has happened to me a lots of time.

Bryan Adams and Michael Jackson are the two singers whose songs moves me to the core of my heart. Whenever you listen to “Everything I Do” or a song like “Man in the Mirror” you just cannot stop making yourself falling into the song with its words and melody.

I think I am being too much into text now. So, let me show you my new song “Music and Me”. It is however the title of one of Michael Jackson’s songs, but I have given it my words and thoughts. MJ has always been my inspiration since his death. He was a miracle that happened to earth. The inspiration behind this song is truly Michael Jackson.

All I can see, just music and me.

Listening to the beats, playing it hard on my guitar,

The music goes so far,

And the soul sets high and free.

Its Just music and me

All I feel, is the rhythm and melody,

Making the words go live, I pen down them all,

They come without a call,

And this is a wonderful ecstasy.

But, it’s just music and me

I think world is getting strange,

We are working in our ways,

Things will come and make the change.

But we will be the same, as anyone can see…

It will be just music and me

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Alone with you…

Hi, pals this is another post by me. Lately I felt that I haven’t posted any song on my blog since past one month…. And as a result I posted It’s Amazing to Remember day before yesterday. And here I am with another song…. This is also a love song and I just love this one…. This song is based on a hypothetical situation…..

So pals enjoy it like you enjoyed the rest… 🙂

Ever since I am alone with you,

i tried that,

I’ll hold the time——– And cease the night,

Can’t you feel the love tonight,

We’re standing together——– Under dark sky,

I wanna hold your hand——- yea that’s what I wanna try,

You move so close to me —— as the darkness grows,

I can hear your heartbeats… which’s got a deeper throw,

Now you are asleep—— and I keep watching you,

And I thank to god—— that I am tonight with you,

Slowly and calmly —— dawn knocked on our face,

I swear—- u looked amazing like god’s own grace,

Now that you are leaving—— I feel the pain in my heart,

I wish I could’ve ceased the night…….

And wish it was just the start….. 🙂

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It’s Amazing to Remember…

Hi pals, this is another post by me… i tried to write something good and in this regard i end up with this song… pals love is an interesting subject that make the people happy… that’s why i love to write about this topic… i hope you will enjoy this song as well… 🙂

It’s amazing to remember all those past good days…

The time you smiled and promised to love me always….

There have been times when I’ve been so low,

Then u r the one who made me get up and go…. And gave me strength…

It’s amazing to remember everything about you,

Everyday with you, every single moment without you,

Our hanging around, our looking into each other’s eyes,

Our every little smile, our every little cries.

We both were alone, but we formed a world together,

Where you are mine strength and I’m yours forever…

Where we shared our love and shared our lives,

Every happiest moment, every little strives.

It’s amazing to remember… how we made it so far,

It’s your love that made us shine like a  star… 🙂

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There are many song that comes to your mind all of a sudden, they sound quite complicated when they come as a random thought to your mind…. But they become so simplified and somewhat logical when you pen them down…

Such kind of a song is “STARLIGHT NIGHT”. It’s about someone who is really happy with the love of his life and he’s expressing his feeling to her about how he felt about her….

It’s quite a simple song, so please have a look… 🙂

It’s a starlight night- and you are here with me,

The night goes brighter, every time to smile with me,

The breeze gets so cool……… as I touch your hand

I just want to hold the time… and… cease the night to end…

Whenever you talk about everything,

When you swirl your eyes and recite,

I feel like I am in heaven,

In this wonderful starlight night…

Hoping for tomorrow, I see the sunshine,

I see the days go bright, with ecstasy everywhere,

I see the love in your eyes,

Today and forever in your heart-in there,

Now, I don’t know what’s wrong I don’t know what is right,

All I want is you to be by my side…..

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You make me smile….

Here is another new song by me. I really love to write love songs…. If you ever experienced true love… and faced a bit of separation in that love then this is the song for you people out there….

I don’t know what it’s like but please do tell me… how you found it good or bad… every comment is appreciated…

You make me smile, you make me happy,

You make me what I am,

When you said goodbye, you made me cry- how am I gonna live then…….

It’s all about the love that you gave it to me,

Now I’m addicted to it… I don’t wanna be free…

I feel like heaven- when I am close to you,

Then there’s nothing like I ever- I ever wanna do……..


you make me smile, you make me happy,

you make me what I am,

so please don’t say goodbye, I don’t wanna cry,

’cause I am waiting to begun……… loving you………………… 🙂

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Love Song by Me- You will Come Back

Many times I think that I should write a song. A song that can express the sensation of what a person feels truly. In my high school I read in my book a song is a best medicine, which can make your mood get well sooner. No matter how sad one person is, music is an undisputable winner in any circumstances.

Every time I pick up my pen and try out to write a song I end up with a love song. It’s surprising that why always a love song, but that’s all I can write quite well. I don’t know how good I am at it, but my friends and the people who read my songs say that I am pretty good at it.

SONGS makes your faith grow deeper. A good song can make you a more beautiful person.

Well one of such love song written by me is YOU WILL COME BACK

I wrote it randomly, I never thought it would end like this. And I am glad it ended well.

The theme of the song is that a boy falls in love with a girl and they had a beautiful relationship going on. But suddenly the things went off the track and they both decide to split. Then like it happens in movie, the boys realizes what her girl meant to him, so he sits on the shore of the sea where they first met and sings YOU WILL COME BACK

It’s another day to end,

I’m still tryin to pretend,

That you will come back…

The night has grown so dark,

Growing deeper in its arc,

My hopes going to descend,

and I am afraid they will end,

Somewhere deep I know,

That I am the one who made you go,

But it’s my belief from inside,

You’re ma everything, you’re ma pride,

So never say goodbye,

Just give it another try,


It’s another day to end

I’m still tryin to pretend,

That you will come back

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