Whatcha Gonna Do About It???

Hi, pals. It’s been a longtime that I have made any post to my blog. So here’s a new poetry by me.

The theme of this poetry/song is so simple, those who are working somewhere, will relate with it, I am damn sure… even I felt it too… hehe !!

Sometimes we just mess our lives so badly, that we feel stuck. However this is the time when we need to reconsider ourselves and make some good moves to give a sense to our lives… and this poetry depicts the same.

So check it out pal… and do comment/tell how was it…

You stuck in the thoughts that you don’t like,

You imprisoned in the job of 9 to 5,

You don’t have the time to breathe,

You can talk, but you can’t speak,

You can earn but don’t have the time to spend,

Whatcha gonna do about it, when the day end.

You lie on the bed with open eyes,

You stare the window, walls and flies,

You think about the work, coz it’s on your mind,

Boss’s order goes through and rewind,

You have the whole night, but don’t have sleep,

Whatcha gonna do about it, in the coming hours to creep.

Whatcha gonna do about it…

Whatcha gonna do about it…

In the end, in the hours to creep…….


Reconsider your life and fix the broken parts,

Put the jigsaw together and make a new start…

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